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Victor Choi, a famous illusionist from Macao. he learns magic from the world’s first Chinese magician Raymond Iong since 1995. Victor has rich experience in performance. He has given personal special performances in several 5A level fairylands and grand theatres for a long time. What’s more, he is the resident magician of Chime-Long Paradise from 2008 to 2011. Up to now, he has put on more than 5,000 performances, and he is one of the magicians who give the most shows. Victor’s magic is full of passion, no matter fast and furious grand magic or close-up magic, he can also make it conquered by the audience, thus, he becomes the most popular super magician in the Chinese large-scale magic field. His works are too numerous to mention one by one. And he was invented so many times as a performing artist to different magic contests all over the world. All of the above are enough to prove his great attainments in the magic industry.



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Victor’s Main Industry Awards

* The first Macanese to won the Chrysanthemum Award which is the highest honor in magic industry of China

* Champion of Hong Kong International Magic Competition

* Champion of Macau Magic Contest

* AMA Award of The First Asia Pacific Magic Contest

* Merlin Award as “Best illusionist China” presented by International Magicians Society


Victor’s Incumbent Position

* General secretary of Society of American Magician #288

* Director-general of Macao Magic Artist Society

* General secretary of Macao Magic Troupe

* Member of I.M.S.( International Magicians Society)


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