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The founder of IONG'S MAGIC, Raymond Iong, being a master magician in Macau,is one of the ethnic Chinese magicians who won the most awards in the world. He is also the archetype of the character acted by Jay Chou in the famous Hollywood movie NOW YOU SEE ME 2.

Ramond’s abundant accomplishments include winning the Merlin Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, the Outstanding Contribution Award, 2006 S.A.M. people choice award, Award of Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic(4F)and so on. and he is called the master of magician, the magic poet and the most brilliant man in magic field.


Raymond's Works of Parties

*  Raymond Iong grand magic night - The Legends

*  Raymond Iong grand magic night - The Power of Love

*  Raymond Iong grand magic night - Romantic Macau

*  Raymond Iong grand magic night - Raymoond

*  Raymond Iong grand magic night - Amazing magicial journey in Macau

*  Raymond Iong grand magic night - Powerful magic of Quintessence


Raymond's Classic Magic Works

*  Stage magic --Stars and Moon Myth

*  Close-up magic -- Magic Combinations of Love


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Raymond's Main Industry Awards

* 2006 - The People Choice Award by The Society of American Magicians

* 2007 - FFFF Honorary Award in the Original Magic Convention

* 2009 - Contribution to Chinese Magic Award first presented by China Acrobats Association

* 2010 - Merlin Award as“Outstanding Contribution to Magic World”presented by International Magicians Society

* 2014 - Merlin Award as“Best Scene magician Asia”presented by International Magicians Society

* 2017 - Merlin Award as“Best Magic team Asia”presented by International Magicians Society

Raymond's Incumbent Position

* Head of Macao Magic Troupe

* President of Macao Magic Artist Society

* President of FISM Macao (International Federation of Magic Societies)

* President of S.A.M. #288 China (The Society of American Magicians)

* President of I.M.S. Macao (International Magicians Society)

* Vice-President of I.B.M. # 311 China ( International Brotherhood of Magicians)

* Vice-President of Magic Art Committee of China Association

* Vice-President of Guangdong Province Acrobats Association

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