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2nd Street Magic Festival was held in Macao

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   Four Districts of Cross-Straits 2nd Street Magic Festival , whose sponsor is the Macao Magic Troup and the undertaker is Iong’s Magic will be held at 3:00pm July 2nd, 2016. The organizer invited many famous illusionists, including Li Sheng tang, a famous magical balloon man who is from Taiwan and often gives shows on TV of Cross-Straits. Raymond Fan, the first Hong Kong magician to add Kongfu into magic, Mai Jin hang, a senior magician from China Mainland and so on. They will give some wonderful shows to the audience with several brilliant magicians from Macao.

   According to Raymond Iong’s introduction, Iong’s magic has developed in Macao for years, and has cultivated several excellent magicians. And with the government’s development of cultural creative industry, magic has become a kind of industry, and it is getting more and more common in Macao. As a result, several magic experts were invited to Macao to give speeches and shows, the purpose is to promote the communication between magicians in Four Districts of Cross-Straits, and generalize the culture of street performance. What’s more, it’s also a good  promotion platform for those local magic practitioners, so that the magic performance of Macao will rise up to a higher level.

   The Macao Magic Troupe was set up in 2011, and enrolled as a non-profit arts organization (No. 5382) in May, 2012. It was founded by Raymond Iong and several experts. And it gathers the most excellent magicians of Macao, who have won countless prizes at home and abroad. In the Four Districts of Cross-Straits 2nd Street Magic Festival, most of Macao Magic Troupe’s magicians will take part in the performance. Including the magician Victor Choi, and the winner of Best New Magician Award of I.M.S. Mr.Eric Ho, even Raymond, the head of Macao Magic Troupe . They will put on the newest street magic and interact with the audience. The show must be very attractive and successful.


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