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Ingel, a student of Raymond Iong, is a funny and active magician, he’ s also an English teacher and stage lighting designer. He has worked as a stage lighting director for several times in many magic competition of Macao and China. Because of his humorous, his teacher created a magic show named “ troublemaker act” for him, this show made him get good grades in the National Magic Competition. Thus, he became a new generation of magician.


Ingel’s  Main  Industry  Awards

* The Best Show Award of Guangdong TV Mayday Magic Contest

* The Best Show Award of The Third Magic Contest (stage group) among Canton, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan


Ingel’s  Incumbent  Position

* Member of Macao Magic Artist Society

* Member of Macao Magic Troupe

* Member of S.A.M.#288(Society of American Magicians)

* The interior director of I.M.S. ( International Magicians Society)

* The stage director of I.M.S. China Convention

* Guangdong member representative of Chinese Acrobatics Association

* The stage lighting designer of Iong’s large-scale special magic

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