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Jiro, a Macao young magician, learns magic from the famous magic master Raymond Iong. He has studied since 2002. He is energetic and good at all types of magic. He has rich performance experience on stage, and he is one of the most popular magicians in Macao, his representative work “Sport act” has received several prizes successively in the local and oversea magic contests.


Jiro’s Main Industry Awards

* Chrysanthemum Award ( the highest honor in magic competition of China )

* Silver Prize of Cross-straits Four Regions University Students’ Stage Magic Communication Contest

* Silver Prize of Magic Competition among Canton, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

* Representative of Macao in the close-up magic group of FISM 2009

* International guest to Shenzhen Happy Valley International Magic Festival 2006


Jiro’s Incumbent Position

* Vice-chairman of Macao Magic Artist Society

* Vice-head of Macao Magic Troupe

* Interior director-general in Macao branch of I.M.S.

* Member of S.A.M.#288 ( Society of American Magician)



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